Hand Wash

  • High pressure foam cannon pre rinse
  • Hand washed with plush micro fiber towels to prevent wash scratching
  • Wheels and tires cleaned
  • Spot free rinsed and plush towel dried
  • Tires shined
  • Exterior windows cleaned

$100.00 for most cars
Full Service Hand Wash

  • Hand wash
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Dash and center console cleaned
  • Windows cleaned

$150.00 for most cars
Wash & Wax

  • Full Service Hand Wash
  • Clay bar to remove impurities from paint
  • Premium paste wax applied by hand
  • Hand buffed with plush towels

$250.00 for most cars
Interior Detail

  • Vacuum
  • Clean & treat all plastics and leather
  • Pre treat and hand scrub carpet and upholstery
  • Deep steam clean with trailer mounted steam cleaner

$250.00 for most cars

Full Detail

  • Full Service Wash
  • Machine Glaze
  • Wash & Wax
  • Interior Detail

$500.00 for most cars
These prices are subject to change depending on the size and condition of the car. Large SUV's are subject to a slight increase in price.

Other Services

  • Wet Sanding & Scratch Removal
  • Flood Damage
  • Engine Steam Cleaning
  • Swirl Removal
  • Interior Dye and Repair
  • Head Light Restoration

                   $100.00 hr